by Deborah Brooks Langford on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 7:43pm


With your out stretched hand

With a pink lovely rose

And the stems so prickly just right

Your oils and perfumes

Consume me so

And makes the heart glow this night

With cap and pen ever flowing

She rose and folded the horse blanket

With so a lone of care

Letting me know of the small circle of regret

That we would be separated for a while

But we would always be friends

Oh yes Friends for Life..

That’s what we will be…

A gesture from her hand tells me so

She knows the sorrows of life

We share so much about the truths

Facing west is what she does.

Looking to our Maker.. as

It is already blanketed with snow

So white I know..

The summer has come and gone

But the friendship stays all the way

You creased the crown to your liking..

With your hungry eyes, to see

And on the floor in the corner lay your saddlebag..

For those darling horses so near..

And as we talk about the wonderful fall weather..

As we talk about our life

The truths come out to each sight

Our heads jerked back and eyes locked

With the life that we have known

To see through our

Just to know that she is always there

When the need to share has come…

They realized upon closer scrutiny…

With a practiced ease are they

Just to know the friendship they share

Will always there to stay..




2 thoughts on “FRIENDS FOR LIFE

  1. laura says:

    love this you so good

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