by Deborah Brooks Langford on Friday, November 11, 2011 at 10:05am

Dear Dad,

the pain you bore

the life you had

the death you saw

because you loved so..

You stood up for what’s right

you never turned your back

you always had your pride.

The pride of this country

the pride of our GOD.

You have always been there thru

thick and thin..

dear Dad,

You could have ran

you could have hated

but you never did.

You always did what was right.

You embraced our Lord GOD.

You embraced your family

you embraced your country

You always did what is right.

Dear Dad.

The pride I feel for you.

the special love will always be there.

The things you taught me

the things you taught everyone.

To fight for what is right.

To stand up for Our GOD

Our family


You fought in two wars

to keep us free.

with bullets flying around your head

the death you saw.

But our GOD had you in HIS hands.

Dear Dad.

You knew fear and love

and death and heartache

but you always stood for what is right.

dear Dad.

the pride I feel for you

the love for you.

I know you have lost so much

My dear Mom , Your dear wife.

Dear. Dad.

My heart breaks for you.

My tears are flowing.

Dear Dad.

Please I pray for you this day.

for your heart to mend..

But I just want to say.

Dear Dad.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart

for who you are.


©Copyright 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford


5 thoughts on “A TRIBUTE TO MY DAD: DEAR DAD

  1. drtruthman says:

    Beautiful and emotional poem. It speaks with sincerity,heart and dedication to both your father and the country he so lovingly served.
    May God bless him and all our veterans as well as all those currently serving.

  2. Janet Lane says:

    It was a beautiful poem expressing such sweet and loving sentiment. The heritage your dad passed on to you will continue on through you.

  3. Thank you Janet.. that means so much to me coming from you..

  4. check out my newest poem on my blog.

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