by Deborah Brooks Langford on Sunday, November 13, 2011 at 12:54pm


This morning she writes

To see you she may say

She has no greater joy than to see his face

Her mind is clear

And she happens to know

Then he began to speak in a calming voice

That she have sought so many times before

In her minds eye.

The longing has come like a thousand lifetimes

As a splendid of love as two can become

He made eyes for her as his face bore a telltale flush

The morning after

Riding in the backseat for two

At church they did go.

As she was breathing and glowing

From the debts above

As she whispered

“I love you, I always have.”

He backed away a step and nodded then signed

With a look of love everlasting she saw

Thanksgiving will come and go she knows

And Christmas and lights will be all a glow.

But the love will be shared as time goes on.

As she carried her case in her arms

Wondering what the future shall bring

There were sugar maple fires smoking

Hungry pains were filling her now

She heard a whining like a distant siren

As she took to her stage one more time

One day not now the time will come

To be so long in his arms

As her mind soars on this Sunday day

The warmth shall fall upon her head

To see the one that isn’t there.

A love so long so dear

Remember his words

She knows no more

Alone in her room with the door closed

With soft music ever so low

As her MIND SOARS alone again.


©Copyright 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford


One thought on “HER MIND SOARS

  1. drtruthman says:

    Beautiful poem Debbie. One of your best ever. It really speaks to me.

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