I Will Meet You at The Waterfall

Graphic by SonnetWolf Designz - Susan Joyner-Stumpf

by Deborah Brooks-Langford

The darkness is coming among us

I headed out to the rocks to see

The crocuses were among my feet

As I slid along the slippery slopes

To find the one I love

I had to have a closer look

His feather flamed was dosed dull

It was icy and cold to the touch

The look of passion was not mistaken

He saw me that I knew

That trinity of need made the flames flared high

The sacrament of broken need

He ran towards me around the rocks

The water falling in my lead

So much of what he was

Took me by the heart

“What is lovely is what I see” as he whispers to me

What passes to loveliness pleases thee?

The touch of hands

The look so slightly

As the waterfall drops’

The swirl of water ever so slightly

Feeling the drops to my dress

It plasters to my skin

As he took his hand to my face

The shivers of my soul

It pleases me to know

Unhurried as if to please him so

The guilt to having doubts

Took its toll under the waterfall;

The kiss to kiss meets with the lips

Much awaited love to hold us now

The passion that sees the lovers brace

As I meet you at the WATERFALL.

©Copyright 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford


5 thoughts on “I Will Meet You at The Waterfall

  1. drtruthman says:

    Beautiful poem. Very moving and sensitive.

  2. Thank you Lee… that means so much to me..

  3. Susan Joyner-Stumpf says:

    Deb this is remarkable. You are coming into your own as a writer. With each poem you exceed your own previous skill and take it to another level. The growth and power you express with imagery and metaphors and exciting poetic flair all comes together to create these mini masterpieces filled with heart, emotion and tidbits of glimmer inside your beautiful soul that we are rendered mesmerized and speechless. By far (even tho I have many favorites) this to me is one of your bests but of course all of us will have our own. You are ready to publish a Love poems Book, I think there are not as great love poems poets like u n this decade.

  4. Yes thank you I think I am close to publishing a book of romantic poems.. after Brooke gets published.. I really am enjoying this..
    Thanks for being a fan..

  5. Thank you Susan for the Graphic.. so beautiful.. You do amazing work…

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