by Poet/Author Deborah Brooks-Langford

SonnetWolf Designz - Susan Joyner-Stumpf

As you came to me in a peninsula of a forest;

In the mid of the night;

With a look and kiss as you were flashing in my life

I knew that you were the one though it hurt a

 Good bit of the time

That was for me so long ago.

Oh Lover boy, I knew so well,

are you waiting at my door?

Whispering where are you my love?

My heart beating so that the whole world could hear,

Anticipating and longing for your touch;

Your hand comes through the door reaching for me,

As I open the door wanting and longing for your kiss.

Your arms encircle me and pull me to you

And our lips meet

In such an explosion of feeling and emotions

That we did not know we had.

The river of love and lust together so sweet and full filling,

 That when we fall so deep into each other

That it is with such a force that we delve so deep within

Onto the bed and we lay and look and touch and kiss

Not quite getting enough of each other.

That’s how I remember you so full of love.

 I do love you and I am so longing for our time.

From so long ago; How long was I supposed to wait I say?

It was the slow night with anticipation

You were like fire color fire of the night and lightening I knew.

Wheels turned behind your blue eyes

The two of us fit well together in the mare of life

As you grabbed me by my waist and pressed my face to your back.

The smell of you made me swell

Midmorning rolled around and there you were saying 

‘Imagine love’ you said ‘where there were no boundaries’

‘To love the night away;’

Then the day I went away was like a fire in my soul

Oh my love, forgive me I say. Let me know I pray

That it was a long time ago. That we may be free;

We beat down the gravel road in dust. To find our perfect spot

The woods spell our words of time

The true spot you know the place so well

The feeling of joy comes so fast

It is a far deeper of feelings to be

The despair may flood higher

As a comet comes blazing across my heart

I sit still blinded.

As it was a long time ago.

©Copyright 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford

11 thoughts on “IT WAS A LONG TIME AGO

  1. drtruthman says:

    Beautiful and very sensual poem. I believe Deborah is moving into another new and even sensitive area of relationships touching a level of sensitivity and passion which only few have really ever experienced.
    Very beautiful and one of your best yet. Highlighted with the graphic created by Susan Joyner-Stumpf’s Sonnetwolf Designz, this collaboration makes for a complete work of artistic beauty. Very good work ladies.

  2. abichica says:

    wooowww!! riveting, filled with sensuality, love and desire.. 😀

  3. Thank you Dr. Lee. Love writing this one…

  4. Deb your Poem is remarkable. You are fast becoming my favorite Romance Poet. Your romantic, touching style and flair draws sweeps the reader in, compels them beyond restraint to reflect upon long-lost memories of their own past love affairs; perhaps the type of passion that under other circumstances, another time and place, might have survived the storms of indiscretion and fantasy had it not been “star-crossed.” I have felt this way in my life but once, and have been rendered powerless and incapable of casting it to the side and moving on with my Emotional Life, denying it’s existence, its power and utter control of my thoughts and tears, its fingers like a vice-grip, squeezing out the remains of a warped destiny and blind fate. I am frozen in time because of it and it haunts me even as of this writing. Even more so, I have felt benign, intimidated, and selfish to share my experience with the outside world; would they judge me, deface it, demoralize such an exquisite time of my life where I felt most womanly, vulnerable, and alive. And then the issue was; how successful could I be, even as a Poet myself, to marry emotion with exact expressional words to describe my divine ecstasy, and the ensuing, unfathomable despair of its spiraling loss. Even as writers, we sometimes feel lost for words because the sensations may be so over powering and intense.

    There is no way to describe a broken heart, or a joyous fervor of rapture from a single kiss, in so few words or less. Love and feelings are not a contest. They should not compete against each other. But often to find avenues and genres to adequately portray its nostalgia, its poignancy, cliché to say but true, is extremely challenging if not downright impossible.

    Shakespeare handled it well; so did Poe, Blake, Whitman, Lord Byron, and the Brownings. But they are few and far between. So then Romantic Poets like you come along and say it for us, as though you have dug deep in those swells of our hidden desires and dreams and yanked their murky shadows to the surface, out into painful sunlight, with the fire of imagery and metaphor. So I want to thank you personally for writing this, as I was afraid to admit I guess that I too “had a love back there in the past” I’m still having difficulty after over 25 years of letting it go. I don’t speak of it much; I’ve maybe written about it three or four times, because I don’t want to hurt the wonderful man I am married to because if he ever found the poem when I’m not around, he wouldn’t understand; he’d be hurt, with good reason, even though there is nothing to fear (not now, anyway. Those Stars died in the sky along with my heart a long time ago). I can’t deny those emotions, though. Chris D., if you are reading this (you know who you are) you stole my heart back then and the hole (that gaping wound) has never been sutured, re-welded, soldered over with newer layers of healing. I know we started off “just friends” but something changed, didn’t it? Something beautiful, mysterious, yet forbidden, we both knew, and questioned even then despite our unravellings. Suddenly I found myself no longer looking at YOU like a brother. It became more personal than that. And once that started, there of course was no way of looking back, turning back. Even though we never consummated this affair, it left us both driven until it drove us apart.

    I may have “left you physically” back there but in present day, the dreams, the longing, quite desires, wonderings, and inexplicable sorrows, torment me, persist beyond the veil, overlap my waking state with its feathers of tempting kindle. Oh God and his Saving Grace, has this day been reopened from those depths of buried angst and awe; Deb, your Poem focuses on this unrequited fire that never went up in flames, yet the smoldering embers continue to burn off in that foggy distance of yesterday. Romance Poets like yourself remind us that we have a heart and a Soul and it’s made of glass, and like Crystal, it’s beautiful when in one piece; but it can shatter across the floor and those pieces may shine individually, but they can also cut through to your fragile skin.

  5. Oh My Susan.. wow that was beautiful what you just wrote.. I am in awe of you… Every time I write one of these poems and I get bolder i wonder what am I doing? but my heart grabs my fingers and off they go… and ir helps to listen to sad romantic thank you Susan.. You are a true follower and fantastic friend..

  6. gina says:

    Very good,very sweet

  7. drtruthman says:

    Wow Susan, what a wonderful review. Sounds like you were as touched as I was but oh how you describe it so much better than I. As I have often said, you are a true “wordsmith” and I can truly agree with Debbie that I am delighted to be your friend and count it an honor to have you as mine.

  8. You said a mouthful.. you are so right Dr. Lee… she inspires me.. I would have stopped writing if it wasn’t for her writing… which I just love.I thank you both..

  9. sherry Holland says:

    You are indeed a romantic and certainly on your true path. Beautiful!

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