Our Sebastian

With Light brown hair with big brown eyes

There is always a surprise with Sebastian

As he sings ‘I am sexy and I know it!’

The joy he brings into our lives

What did we ever do without Sebastian?

The dance of Sebastian is always so fun

His little arms just a fraying

Spiderman is his favorite

Adores his mom and dad

But in the sandbox of time is our Sebastian.

A toppling closet, Toys all over the floor

Mismatched socks…

I whisper to THE SON

Thank you JESUS for this gift.


When his chin trembles, His cries we hear

He lets us know he is here.

Are we stealing time to have him with us?

Please sweet JESUS, protect our gift.

His eyes are of the oldest of dawn

As they widen to catch that much unadulterated joy.

His laughter makes us laugh

As he roams through the house recording all of time;


© 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford

6 thoughts on “SEBASTIAN

  1. drtruthman says:

    Beautiful and descriptive poem about Deborah’s grandson. Good job.

  2. THIS IS MY GRANDSON… that I love is much.. he is so adorable…we do not know what we did without him…

  3. Nice tribute Deb to your grandson

  4. Gina says:

    This poem is as sweet as Sebastian ;))

  5. Sandra Riddle Culbreth says:

    Sweet tribute to your grandson.

  6. laura says:

    beautiful you are the best

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