A beautiful winter moon shown over their lives
As Carlos and Ana standing in the middle of their dream;

Like two hearts together
Loving and sharing

Carlos didn’t think he ever knew
A woman quite like Ana;

With a smile like diamonds
And hair WITH glimmering black colors

With unique slanted eyes of a cat, so bold and bright
That can seduce him.

To the pretty tree in the window sill;
He glanced to his left where she stood so full of light
His Ana so beautiful on this starry night;

Her kiss like angels dipping down on his face and
Kisses liked the stars of the night. Face that is as lovely as all time;
As lights winked and danced around.

He smelled her so lovely like lavender and lace, the touch from her embrace
Made him melt into her beyond; Frost crunched under Carlos boots
As he pulled sweet Ana to him; her presence he couldn’t deny.

With the faint sense of relief, That Ana was his forever.
He saw a flash of her loveliness through the window
The need he had for her so real,
As he reached for her daring hand
To his lips they will go,

As her kisses were hot with fire
The blaze going to his heart

The couple fell madly in love
And was married on November 12, 2011;

As two hearts together
Giving and caring

And in laughter and tears:


© 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford

6 thoughts on “CARLOS AND ANA..

  1. Gina says:

    I love this poem Deborah. It’s so sweet.

  2. drtruthman says:

    Deborah has done it again with demonstrating her niche on being able to describe romance with the “poet’s brush stroke” painting a beautiful word picture. As usual, a job well done.

  3. A Job well done, indeed. The lovely couple portrayed here (are they relatives, Deb, because I don’t know all your family)? Well, their passion is obvious and you have captured it well, as any Romance Poet could.

  4. ps the Graphics are beautifu, too, and compliment the Poem nicely. I forgot to mention that in my original remarks, please forgive me. I did notice them, but I was so entranced in the Poem, I failed to mention it.

  5. This is a great poem and really descriptive. I do like your style of writing.

  6. Thank you Steve.. Susan these are their pictures I used I thought they were nice..

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