Sonnetwolf Designz-Susan Joyner-Stumpf

My Love, My love I say               My heart I do declare

Is set to hear your beautiful words of music
As I rake my fingers through your hair.

To kiss your notes upon my ears
That digs into my soul
Your heart to me is like music so fine.

I lay my head upon your heart
As you set my heart to the rhyme;

My future man is standing now
To hold me oh so dearly

An arrow of Geese is catching the moon
And flying into my heart,

As I empty of truth from your eyes;
But I am a woman of knowledge of you

And your sweet music for my life
Turns my breath to breathe seemly so is,

And Everywhere I turn there are your songs,
And the love of my heart;

As I count my many blessings and
To feel the love of your kiss

All weary from crying, this is too much I say
As Your words of song tears my heart
As you set my heart to music;

The time has come to take my hand and put them on your lips,
To pull me oh so to your heart
Just to hear the words of the music to my ears;

As I looked back to the night
To the love for long,

This is a gift from you to me
The music of the heart
As you set my heart to music;

So kiss my lips and then my hands
And press upon my heart

The need I have for you my love
As you set my heart to music;


© 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford