Jason and Laura

They used to have a special dream

Sonnetwolf Designz-Susan Joyner-Stumpf

Cradled deep within their hearts

That someday they would meet
That someone wonderful;

You see it was hidden in their minds
And then right around the corner
They met their love.

He looked and thought ‘what a beauty’
She looked and cried ‘how wonderfully made he is’

Their love made them understand
That their life would be complete
With each other that day;

They had someone that would spend bright days
And lonely times together

With their laughter that brought joy every day;
Their love so special;

The dream they used to dream is now a reality;

A dream that has come true with each other;

Diffused sunlight trickled through her hair,

From the moment they met and the moment they kissed
It was love that first night.

Oh true love is


© 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford



by Poet/Author Deborah Brooks-Langford

SonnetWolf Designz - Susan Joyner-Stumpf

As you came to me in a peninsula of a forest;

In the mid of the night;

With a look and kiss as you were flashing in my life

I knew that you were the one though it hurt a

 Good bit of the time

That was for me so long ago.

Oh Lover boy, I knew so well,

are you waiting at my door?

Whispering where are you my love?

My heart beating so that the whole world could hear,

Anticipating and longing for your touch;

Your hand comes through the door reaching for me,

As I open the door wanting and longing for your kiss.

Your arms encircle me and pull me to you

And our lips meet

In such an explosion of feeling and emotions

That we did not know we had.

The river of love and lust together so sweet and full filling,

 That when we fall so deep into each other

That it is with such a force that we delve so deep within

Onto the bed and we lay and look and touch and kiss

Not quite getting enough of each other.

That’s how I remember you so full of love.

 I do love you and I am so longing for our time.

From so long ago; How long was I supposed to wait I say?

It was the slow night with anticipation

You were like fire color fire of the night and lightening I knew.

Wheels turned behind your blue eyes

The two of us fit well together in the mare of life

As you grabbed me by my waist and pressed my face to your back.

The smell of you made me swell

Midmorning rolled around and there you were saying 

‘Imagine love’ you said ‘where there were no boundaries’

‘To love the night away;’

Then the day I went away was like a fire in my soul

Oh my love, forgive me I say. Let me know I pray

That it was a long time ago. That we may be free;

We beat down the gravel road in dust. To find our perfect spot

The woods spell our words of time

The true spot you know the place so well

The feeling of joy comes so fast

It is a far deeper of feelings to be

The despair may flood higher

As a comet comes blazing across my heart

I sit still blinded.

As it was a long time ago.

©Copyright 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford

I Will Meet You at The Waterfall

Graphic by SonnetWolf Designz - Susan Joyner-Stumpf

by Deborah Brooks-Langford

The darkness is coming among us

I headed out to the rocks to see

The crocuses were among my feet

As I slid along the slippery slopes

To find the one I love

I had to have a closer look

His feather flamed was dosed dull

It was icy and cold to the touch

The look of passion was not mistaken

He saw me that I knew

That trinity of need made the flames flared high

The sacrament of broken need

He ran towards me around the rocks

The water falling in my lead

So much of what he was

Took me by the heart

“What is lovely is what I see” as he whispers to me

What passes to loveliness pleases thee?

The touch of hands

The look so slightly

As the waterfall drops’

The swirl of water ever so slightly

Feeling the drops to my dress

It plasters to my skin

As he took his hand to my face

The shivers of my soul

It pleases me to know

Unhurried as if to please him so

The guilt to having doubts

Took its toll under the waterfall;

The kiss to kiss meets with the lips

Much awaited love to hold us now

The passion that sees the lovers brace

As I meet you at the WATERFALL.

©Copyright 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford


by Deborah Brooks Langford on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 3:16pm



Susan Joyner-Stumpf

I asked the Lord for a friend

I asked Him for I dare

And she came into my life

As a sister so sweetly that made me care…


If only my friend knew how special, she really is

Just to know her has been a blessing

Has made my life a joy that fulfills all that is emptiness

And made me laugh and help me cry;


Although I have never seen her face

I know she was sent to this woman

At just the right time in my life

As the special friend she is;


Her writing is the magic of all that can become

Words that write on my heart

To let this woman know

That’s its all right to make a mistake

To try and try again;


In the early light so new

As we seek the face of our Lord

We drink the sweet right

The friendship that we share

Is the sister that I want.

The sister I dare have

Her beauty succeeds all she does

Her loveliness so bare;


I know I have been so blessed

To have shared

The love of this friend

And as I realized

That in my wildest dreams

I never knew a friend like

Her…that transformed the life of this friend to such a joy…

And whisper thanks to transfigure into beauty

My dear sister and special friend




A Poem by Deborah Brooks Langford on Monday, October 10, 2011 at 8:38am



Graphic by SonnetWolf Designz - Susan Joyner-Stumpf

You were born so little.  so frail;

My little Michael Harris…Little did I know

My son my pure true little one….

Watching you lay there struggling to live;

Kicking those precious little feet;

Precious…in my heart…that tonight

I know of your loss;

Finally I can see you Chrystal clear….

Years of blackness years of forgetfulness …of my longing;

The stars of your precious love….

We could have had it all…. My little one….my son;



You had my heart and soul…..

Turned my sorrow into your precious all……

You and I we could of had it all……

My precious, MY LOVE.. ..All the memories that have haunted….

Mommy didn’t want to lose….. You my precious soul….

But she wants you to know…that it makes it harder….

Just want you to know…the love for you;

The days are so long… the days that I remember….

Those long days in May… the day you were born…

Painful love, painful sorrow…when you were taken from me..

The pain the sorrow of your loss….My dear precious one….

My little MICHAEL HARRIS…We could have had it… all..